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Cub Scout Pack 566
(Saratoga/Cupertino, California)
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Cub Scouts Explore the World

Den and Pack Field Trips (aka "The Go and Do!" )

Both individual Dens and the entire Pack may go on a field trip. Part of the Cub Scout mission is to explore the local area and to find out how things work.

Here are the next few Field Trips

Stay tuned as we get past the 2018 Holiday season.

Here are some examples of the field trips 566 Cubs have taken: + = done in 2019   % = done in 2018, # = done in 2017, * = done in 2016

Fire Station Tour. %
Recycling Center Tour. %
2 hour Sheriff's Dept Tour. Officers, Canine Unit, Squad Cars, Motorcycles. %
Horse Back Trail Riding for 8 and older and Pony Rides for under 8. %
Construct 2-Litter Soda Pop Bottles and launch hundreds of feet high. %
Trip to the Beach % 
Hike through forest at edge of Saratoga. % 
Kite Flying again by popular demand % 
Bike Rodeo %
ScoutARama. Hundreds of Cub/Scout aged events %
Bowling %
McCellan Ranch Preserve %
Kite Flying #
Old Time Summer Picnic Games in the Par #
Bill Segarini Memorial Monkey Bridge#
Coyote Creek Bike Ride#
Niles Canyon Real Steam Engine ride and tour#
Tilden Park Steam Trains, Farm, Nature Center, and Botanical Gardens#
Overnight on USS Hornet Aircraft Carrier#
Go Bowling #
Build a Pinewood Derby wooden Race car at a woodshop #
Christmas in the Park Display, Ice Skating, Carnival Rides *
Trolley car public transportation *
Tour local fire station *
Take a hike * *
Overnight Camping Trip *
March in a Parade *
Build and shoot a rocket into the sky* *
Picnic games in the Park*
Build and Climb across a Monkey Bridge* *
Community Service Activities*
Bay Marine center*
Take a bike ride*
Visit aquariums *
Visit Millions of Butterflies in a single grove of trees*
Visit a Planetarium to explore the night sky*
Visit the projection booth in the local theater*
Touch the ocean and play on the beach and/or tidepools*
Walk across the Golden Gate Bridge
Visit a TV Studio
Visit the San Francisco Exploratorium
Visit museums
Visit the Post Office
Day trip to Alcatraz Island
Day trip to Angel Island
Train Town
Visit Bonfante Gardens
Christmas Caroling
Figure out the Mystery Spot
Winchester Mystery House
Visit a farm

Here are some pictures

Oct 3rd, 2018 - Bear Den & siblings tour the local sheriff's office. Wolf Den repeats the following week.

Sep 23 2018 - Pack 566 Hits the trails around the Saratoga Hills by Horse and by Pony

Saratoga 60th Anniversary Parade

A hike in the forest.

Broadcasting at the local radio station.

Checking out the local fire station.

Visiting the prision on Alcatraz Island.

Visiting a local farm.

Investigating what the local sheriff does.

Investigating the Santa Cruz Mystery Spot.

Christmas Caroling at the retirement home.